TinyWall Firewall 3.0 Review for Windows 10

In this TinyWall Review, we explain why do you need to install a Firewall Software on your PC as well as describe all the features of TinyWall 3.0, installation & setup guide, its system requirements, and a link to Download TinyWall Firewall for Windows 10/8/7.

A Firewall is an Internet Security Software that helps you prevent unauthorized access from entering your network. It blocks unwanted traffic and permits wanted traffic. It acts as a safety barrier between your computer and hackers on the internet. Whether you are a home user or own a firm, Firewall helps protect your valuable and confidential data. These days, where hackings are getting common, a Firewall is an essential software to have on your Windows PC. 

Most of the time, when you browse the internet, hackers and malicious websites try to send you malware files that may steal your private data or even destroy it. Also, some programs you installed on your Windows PC tries to send your details to their websites without your awareness.

There are some Antivirus Softwares that include a firewall tool. Microsoft Windows comes with a pre-installed Firewall, but it lacks certain features that most users desire. Therefore, we recommend you to Download TinyWall for Windows 10/8/7 PC to protect your data and secure your network. You can read more about the Free Firewall Software in this TinyWall Review Post.

TinyWall Review:

TinyWall is the Best Free Firewall Software that Monitors all your outgoing and incoming traffic and works as a two-way protector. It blocks not only incoming traffic but also unauthorized outgoing traffic. By blocking outgoing traffic, it prevents malware from spreading to other computers on your network. Also, it stops programs from sending confidential data to their websites.

Moreover, it displays the amount of data a program is sending or receiving from the internet. You can whitelist or blacklist specific websites, IP addresses, ports, and programs from sending or receiving any kind of data. It does not disturb you with annoying pop-up notifications unless they are really important. It works in the background protecting your network while you do your work.

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Another exciting thing is that this Free Firewall Software does not have a user interface. So, you need to access all the options and features from the Taskbar notification area (Located on the bottom right corner of the screen). You can right-click on the taskbar icon to access all the options and features. Moreover, it is a lite and small application that does not demand much space or system resources.

Continue reading this TinyWall Review for installation and setup guide. 

How to Install and Setup TinyWall for Windows 10:

  • First, you need to download the Firewall Setup file by using the link provided at the end of this TinyWall Review.
  • You can launch the setup from your browser’s download manager or your computer’s Download folder.

TinyWall Review Photos, TinyWall Firewall, Tinywall Screenshots, Free Firewall, Security Software, TinyWall Firewall Images

  • When you can see the TinyWall 3.0 setup windows, click on Next to start the installation process.
  • TinyWall Firewall gives you a warning about not installing the program using any Remote Desktop Software.
  • Next, you need to accept the TinyWall license agreement and click on Next.
  • Then you can decide to install the program in another destination or proceed with the default directory. You can choose another folder by clicking on the Change button. After you selected the desired installation folder, click on OK then Next.

TinyWall Review Photos, TinyWall Firewall, Tinywall Screenshots, Free Firewall, Security Software, TinyWall Firewall Images

  • Finally, you can hit the Install button so that TinyWall Setup can extract the files to the destination folder.
  • Next, the Windows User Account Control box appears, where you need to click on Yes to confirm the installation.
  • It takes a few seconds to install the Firewall Software and shows the final page. Click on the Finish button to close the setup window and complete the installation.
  • You won’t see any desktop icon as you need to access the program from the taskbar notification area.
  • To access all the options and features, you need to Right-click on the app’s icon.

TinyWall Review Photos, TinyWall Firewall, Tinywall Screenshots, Free Firewall, Security Software, TinyWall Firewall Images

Below are all the main features of TinyWall Latest Version Free Firewall Software.

TinyWall Firewall 3.0 Latest Features:

Different Levels of Protection:

TinyWall Firewall for Windows 10 lets you decide the level of security you require. As you hover through the Change Mode option, you will get several security modes. You can pick to have Normal Protection, Block All, Allow Outgoing, Disable Firewall, and Self-learn. By choosing the Normal Protection, the programs work with the default settings.

The Block All option will block all incoming & outgoing traffic, which is helpful when patching softwares or other activities. Also, you can allow only outgoing connections to prevent malware from entering your PC or even disable the Firewall to allow all connections. Finally, the advanced auto-learn feature learns from your blocking activities and set new rules.

Incoming & Outgoing Traffic:

As you right-click on the program icon, this Free Firewall Software shows you incoming and outgoing traffic. Also, you can click on the Show Connections options to see more details. It shows the list of processes along with their protocol, destination port, source port, remote destination (IP address), and timestamp. You can also choose to see only the active connections or all the connections.

TinyWall Review Photos, TinyWall Firewall, Tinywall Screenshots, Free Firewall, Security Software, TinyWall Firewall Images

Whitelist Applications and Services:

You can personally choose which apps should connect to the internet and which shouldn’t. There are three ways you can add an item to the whitelist. You can whitelist by executables (applications), whitelist by processes (services), or whitelist by windows. By selecting whitelist by executables option, you need to select an EXE file from your Windows Explorer. By choosing the whitelist by processes option, it opens up all the services running in the background so that you can make your selections. And you can also add programs to whitelist by clicking on the application’s window.


You can restrict any program or services from connecting to the internet by adding them to the blocklist. You can block programs, domain names, IP addresses, ports, as well as protocols. Therefore, instead of blocking your Web Browser, you can block unwanted websites. After adding programs to the blocklist, you need to click on the enable blocklist option.


TinyWall 3.0 comes with an enhanced engine that is compatible with your Antivirus Software. Also, it does not conflict with Windows default Firewall as you can use both the tools without any issues. Moreover, TinyWall Latest Version works on 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

Password Protection:

If you are using a multi-user PC, then you can protect the program with a password. By setting a password, other users won’t be able to stop the TinyWall Firewall or alter your settings.

TinyWall Review Photos, TinyWall Firewall, Tinywall Screenshots, Free Firewall, Security Software, TinyWall Firewall Images

System Requirements to Download TinyWall Free:

As discussed earlier in this TinyWall Review, you can run the program alongside other Security Softwares without causing any conflicts. Also, TinyWall uses very system resources and runs fine even on low-end PCs.

  • Operating System: Windows 10/8/7 (32 & 64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium III or Later
  • RAM: 128 MB Memory
  • File Size: 1.3 MB
  • Hard Disk: 50 MB of free disk space
  • Developer: Karoly Pados

Conclusion on TinyWall Review:

To Conclusion the TinyWall Review, I like to say that it is one of the Best Free Firewall Software for Windows PC. It monitors all your traffic and automatically blocks suspicious and malware applications from stealing your data. Also, you can add specific programs and services to whitelist or blocklist. 

It is also easy to use, and you can enable/disable the Firewall with a single click at any time. You will also find options to block all incoming and outgoing traffic, block only incoming traffic, and more. You can even protect TinyWall 3.0 Latest Version with a password to prevent others from changing tour Firewall settings.

Therefore, Download TinyWall for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 (64 bit) by clicking on the link given below and start protecting your computer and data from online threats.

–>>”Download TinyWall Firewall for Windows“<<–

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