Tor Browser Free Download For Windows (32/64 Bit)

Tor Browser For Windows (32/64 Bit) is free software that provides privacy and more security to the user’s data while using the internet. On your 32 bit or 64 bit, Windows PC tries to download this free web browser.

Overview of Tor Browser For Windows (32/64 Bit):

The ultimate application Tor Browser allows you to access the favorite web pages very safely without any interruption.  And without falling into intruder assaults. To get the complete privacy and security from unauthorized users while browsing the internet just prefer it. Prominently, this popular web browser supports various devices like Windows OS, Mac OS X, and Linux. So, you can make use of this software on these devices successfully. It contains a number of built-in privacy features that permits to share the crucial information over the public networks more safely.

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As the Tor Browser is based on Mozilla Firefox. So, if you are very familiar with the features that are included in Firefox. Then precisely you can access all the features included in this app at ease. It protects the online activities of the user from intruders. It is the best application or best browser for home use and business use.

On Windows OS platform PC or laptop, the users can utilize this software at ease. And without finding any sort of issue hence try to download it right now. This free internet browser offers a number of privacy tools that allows staying safe while online.

Features of Tor Browser Free Download

  • No installation is required the users able to run the application successfully on Windows OS, Mac OS X, and GNU/Linux devices from USB flash drive.
  • This free and open network software in an efficient way protects your privacy and identity. When you are using the internet or surfing the information over the network.
  • To keep the data more securely or provide immense security from unauthorized users. As the built-in addon encrypts communication between your PC or laptop and various web pages you access successfully.

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  • The users without finding any kind of issue and also with minimum effort can switch to anonymous mode.
  • As this most sophisticated and well-organized application possesses a simple and user-friendly interface like other popular web browsers.
  • The Very significant thing it is a light-weight application so to download it on a computer an app consumes only a few amount of CPU and RAM resources.
  • It helps a lot for both home and business users to exchange information over the network more safely.
  • Mainly the easy to use and most powerful tool offers enhanced protection while online.
  • It is absolutely free software and bundled with a number of additional tools like New Private Window, Sidebars, and Sync which protect your privacy and anonymity on the web more efficiently.

System Requirements for Tor Browser 7.0.6:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32 bit and 64 bit)

70 MB of RAM

Any compatible processor

Download Tor Browser for Free

Just click the shown below link to download the Tor Browser successfully. This free, safe and fast web browser is compatible with all versions of Windows OS.

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