TotalAV Free Antivirus Review 2020

TotalAV Free Antivirus Review:

TotalAV Antivirus 2020 is one of the best antivirus solutions that have various features such as malware protection, web shield, and even system tuneup. As you scroll down, TotalAV Free Antivirus Review will give you a thorough explanation of how you can scan for various malware infections, and even speed your PC by performing different maintenance activities. Once you go through the entire TotalAV Free Review, you can move to the lower end of the article and click on the download button that provides you with the trial version of TotalAV Antivirus 2020 for Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1, XP, Vista (32/64-bit). Apart from Windows, TotalAV Free Antivirus for PC also supports other platforms such as Mac, iOS, and Android.

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In order to provide the best security solutions to users across the world, TotalAV has come up with different products that can effectively secure the user’s device from various threats. In TotalAV Free Antivirus Review, we will let you know some of those security solutions. The list of those products includes TotalAV Free Antivirus and Internet Security 2020, TotalAV VPN, TotalAV Antivirus Pro 2020. Currently, TotalAV Antivirus 2020 is available as a free trial for all users across the world. Below we have provided all the available features of the free version of TotalAV Antivirus.

Before discussing the features of TotalAV Free Antivirus, let us go through the differences of TotalAV Antivirus 2020 and TotalAV Antivirus Pro 2020. The pro version of TotalAV Antivirus includes all the features that are available in the free version, and along with them, it also includes VPN security, Ad-Block Pro, and password vault to secure all your sensitive details. All these features are also available for Mac, iOS, Android devices.

Features of TotalAV Antivirus 2020:

Protection Status:

Most of the users who use the internet regularly might be aware that malware threats or suspicious programs try to cause huge damage to the user’s device, and they might even hold your valuable files hostage to damage hundreds of dollars. Through TotalAV Free Antivirus Review, we would like to let you know that this program includes a real-time protection feature that automatically secures your PC from any suspicious programs. Moreover, real-time protection in TotalAV Antivirus 2020 also runs in the background so that it doesn’t have any effect on your device performance.

Along with real-time protection, TotalAV Antivirus 2020 also includes a smart scan that checks for not only malware programs, but also security and privacy issues, system junk and duplicate files in one click. At times we may also download PUPs on our devices, which can cause serious privacy issues. These potentially unwanted programs mostly have abilities such as aggressive advertising, injecting advertising into web browsers, and they might even intercept private data communications such as banking details. If you did not read the TotalAV Free Antivirus Review, you would have never known that the smart scan in this program can also identify several potentially unwanted programs and move them to quarantine.

Malware Scan:

While writing the article TotalAV Free Review, we also felt necessary that we must explain users about the malware scan option. The malware scan option in TotalAV Antivirus 2020 is highly efficient in scanning for various security threats such as ransomware, adware, trojans, and many more. More importantly, the malware scan option in TotalAV Antivirus includes three different types of scans, such as quick scan, system scan, and custom scan. 

All these three types of scans initially check for definition updates and then start scanning for threats so that they will not skip even one potential risk that can cause serious issues. The quick scan option in this program can check various areas of your PC, such as startup items, browser cookies, cache, and desktop, to eliminate multiple threats that reside in these locations. By doing so, you can perform a basic scan of your device without wasting much of your time. Besides, the full system scan in this free antivirus for Windows also lets you perform a thorough scan of your disk so that no hidden threats can pose a risk to your device. Through TotalAV Free Antivirus Review, we also want to let you know that this program can perform a custom scan that allows you to choose different locations on your device to initiate a scan.


By reading TotalAV Free Antivirus Review, users can also get to know that this antivirus program moves all the threats blocked by real-time protection or manually by a quick scan or system scan to quarantine. Users can leave all their unsecured files in quarantine so that they can’t harm your PC. TotalAV Antivirus 2020 also lets you remove or delete them permanently if they are not required. In case, if you feel this software has quarantined a file even though it is safe, you may restore it at any time as per your choice. However, you need to be extremely cautious while restoring such items unless you are sure the files safe.


Did you ever unknowingly access a malicious website that collects your information or spreads malware? Nowadays, cybercriminals have developed many harmful websites that have the potential to trick users and grab their confidential details such as usernames and passwords, which they use to login to their online accounts. Through TotalAV Free Antivirus Review, we would like to let you know that the webshield option in TotalAV Antivirus 2020 can effectively block access to rogue websites that may attempt to gather your information or even install malware programs on your PC.

Further, this antivirus software also includes an option that can enable TotalAV WebShield on windows startup. Further, you do have the option to enable or disable blocking of low trust websites and even crypto-mining URLs. Besides, you can also add different website domains to the whitelist so that you can access them without any interruption. Moreover, TotalAV Antivirus 2020 also lets you submit different malicious files and websites so that this program can mark them dangerous.

Data Breach Check:

Have you ever experienced a situation in which your sensitive details such as passwords might have been compromised? There are many instances in which users from across the world have come across compromised passwords as part of online data breaches. Through TotalAV Free Antivirus Review, we want to let users know that TotalAV Antivirus 2020 is highly efficient in scanning for stolen passwords. Users can just enter their email ID to check if their password to the account has been compromised. In case your account is in the list of compromised passwords, you need to change the password to the account quickly. By doing so, you can avoid various privacy issues, or else you will be prone to multiple security threats.

Junk Cleaner:

Most of the computer users who use their device regularly might be prone to slow PC performance unless they clean all the junk files periodically. TotalAV Free Antivirus Review lets you know that TotalAV Antivirus 2020 consists of a junk cleaner tool. This tool can effectively scan and eliminate various junk files such as recycle bin items, temporary files, and other Windows files that contain details of errors. By cleaning all these junk files, TotalAV Antivirus can ensure your PC performs better than earlier.

Duplicate File Finder:

Did you ever know the disadvantages of having too many duplicate files on your PC? In TotalAV Free Antivirus Review, before discussing the duplicates file finder tool, we will initially discuss the situations in which the computer accumulates duplicate files. Later on, we shall see how the duplicate file finder tool in TotalAV Antivirus 2020 can eliminate all duplicate files to speed up your PC. Any PC accumulates duplicate files when a user downloads a file twice any forgets to delete one of them. Along with this, the computer can also collect duplicates when you try performing various tasks such as printing documents, sending them through an email, or even while performing different activities on your device. In either of the situations, too many duplicate files can increase the time consumption for various activities such as antivirus scans and many more.

Through TotalAV Free Antivirus Review, we are letting know users that duplicate file finder in TotalAV Antivirus 2020 can scan for various duplicate files, and it also displays the space you can free up by eliminating those duplicates. Moreover, this software can also filter and sort files by using different categories such as minimum file size, maximum file size, and even according to the file types.

Application Uninstaller:

Has your PC ever experienced a drop in the performance as a result of installing too many applications? Many computer users across the world are well aware that the PC performance reduces when the device has multiple programs. In order to eliminate unwanted programs from their devices, various users utilize uninstaller tools that can remove any stubborn program to improve the speed of their computer. Through TotalAV Free Antivirus Review, we would like to intimate people that TotalAV Antivirus 2020 includes an uninstaller tool that can remove various unwanted applications present on their PC. We also advise you to go through all other features in TotalAV Free Antivirus Review so that you can ensure your device receives better security. You can also feel the difference in productivity after utilizing all the features of TotalAV Antivirus 2020.

Startup Manager:

There are many instances in which users might unknowingly enable different applications to start with Windows operating system. In case, if users have allowed too many unwanted programs to start with Windows, your device is poised to consume more and more time to start. Through TotalAV Free Antivirus Review, we would want you to know that the startup manager feature in TotalAV Antivirus 2020 also lets you manage different startup items so that the device can start faster than earlier.

Browser Cleanup:

Further, we would also want to discuss browser cleanup feature in TotalAV Free Antivirus Review. Before discussing the browser cleanup feature, we would want users to know that all the popular browsers store logs of all the websites that they visit. TotalAV Antivirus 2020 is a handy tool that can clear history and cookies for all your browsers in one click. 


Through TotalAV Free Antivirus Review, we are willing to provide details of various settings present in TotalAV Antivirus 2020. The settings in this program allow you to choose the file types to scan, and you do have the option to move infected files to quarantine or delete them directly. Apart from these options, this program also allows you to enable the options that can notify you when an antivirus scan starts or finishes, and it can even alert you when the webshield blocks a webpage.

We also recommend you to download ESET NOD32 Antivirus Free Latest Version for Windows 32/64-bit as it is also one of the top-class antiviruses available in the market.

System Requirements of TotalAV Free Antivirus:

  • OS: It supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 (32/64-bit).
  • CPU: Intel Pentium III or later.
  • RAM: 512 MB of memory.
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB of free space.
  • Developer: TotalAV.

Bottom Line:

On the whole, TotalAV Free Antivirus 2020 is one of the best antivirus solutions that can effectively identify several threats such as viruses, ransomware, PUPs, and many more. Additionally, this program can also optimize your PC performance by eliminating duplicate files, reducing startup items, and even by uninstalling various unwanted applications.

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