True Key Password Manager Free Download for Windows

The true Key password manager is password management software where you can store all your passwords safely. True Key also comes with a fingerprint and facial recognition function to provide you with an extra layer of security. In case you happen to forget your password for True Key, you can easily login through the biometric access. Free download this best password manager for Windows 7, 8 and, 10 for both 32-Bit and 64-Bit architecture. Whereas, True Key is also available for other platforms such as Mac, iOS and, Android.

True Key Password Manager Free Download Version Overview:

True key password manager keeps all your login credentials such as passwords in a secure password vault. The problem most of us face with any password manager is that you have to remember a master password to access it. True Key seems to have solved that problem with its alternate login facilities. This free password manager has a multifunctional authentication, that is, it comes with facial recognition and biometric system. It has flexible settings options. You can provide two-factor or three-factor authentication during login, provide password reset and automatic log out options. This best password manager comes with local data encryption function which stores all the data locally in your device. In addition to that, sync True Key to all your devices for easy access with their security ensured.

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True Key has an inbuilt digital wallet facility where you can store all your important details like credit cards, debit cards, driver’s license, IDs, etc. This tool is of great help since this password manager does not come with the auto-fill option for web forms. The customizable Launch Pad makes it easy for you to access all the data from one single place. In addition to that, it displays them in a list or as icons. The free version can save up to 15 passwords. In case you want to save more, you can upgrade your True Key subscription. Although it lacks the capacity to share passwords, it proves to be a step ahead of other password managers in terms of accessibility. Do check out SafeInCloud Password Manager Free Download if you want to take a glance at other options.

True Key Password Manager for Windows Key Features:

  • True key browser extension supports Chrome, Firefox and, Microsoft Edge (extension).
  • You can see a wide variety of logos on the interface and save passwords by clicking on the logo which takes you to its official page.
  • This password management system automatically stores your data once enter your credentials and login to a particular website.
  • Customize your settings by enabling basic or advanced login options for extra protection.

True Key Password Manager Images, True Key Password Manager Photos, True Key Password Manager Screenshots, True Key Password Manager Logo

  • This free password manager is available in the form of browser extension which saves you time from switching between windows.
  • Store data like bank details, passport numbers, credit cards and other sensitive data in this password keeper.
  • You can also store these essential details in color for easy identification.
  • The Password Generator module has the capacity to store lengthy password.
  • True key also enables you to log in to your Windows by just looking into the webcam.
  • Store data by color coding them in the Secure Notes tab.

True Key Password Manager System requirements:

Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and, 10

File size: 25 MB

Memory: 1 GB RAM

Processor: Intel Core


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