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The TurboBackup is one of the best backup software for Windows that helps to back up files securely. Additionally, this free backup software all-in-one solution to create multiple backups of shared documents to more than one destination. Interested users hit the download button to TurboBackup free latest version for your Windows PC. This free TurboBackup works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and later versions. It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit configurations.

What is a Backup Software?

Backup Software is a program that helps to create exact copies of data, databases, or entire computers. Later, the backup software uses supplementary copies to restore the original content. To keep your data secure, backup your data using the best backup software.

Overview Of TurboBackup Latest Version:

The TurboBackup is the powerful backup software that helps you to create secure backups. Additionally, it allows you to create multiple copies of documents in different destinations in one operation. This free backup software provides a simple and easy solution to protect your documents. And also, it can retain a different version of the same file that protects your documents from accidental deletion. The TurboBackup 9 offers a drag and drop feature that helps to protect your valuable memories and documents. Using this program, you can backup files to CD, DVD, hard drive, and removable devices.

However, this utility program offers templates for one-click or scheduled or unattended backup to and restore from cloud accounts like GoogleDrive, DropBox, iCloud, and SkyDrive, etc. Moreover, this best backup software comes with the new backup database management system that allows you to organize your financial data, personal data, photos videos, and music library in different locations. Further, this best utility software can scan your backup files and folders and find how much space you need. If the space not available on the backup media, automatically it warns you, otherwise, it will back up. If you want to backup more files and folders, you can drag and drop files easily.

Key Features Of TurboBackup Free Download for Windows PC:

  • The TurboBackup is the fast and secure data backup software that helps to back up files securely.
  • This free backup tool allows you to archive photos to CD, DVD, and other storage media.
  • Additionally, it allows you to preview backup files from the backup catalog.
  • The TurboBackup helps you to backup office folders and documents daily work with the Daily Backup feature.
  • And also, it comes with the progressive backup for new and updated files.

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  • The FTP Remote backup feature allows you to backup large size files from desktop or laptop to FTP servers. It transfers the files faster than traditional file transfer tools e-mails, HTTP.
  • This best utility software offers full and partial restore to restore individual backup files and restore them from a particular backup.
  • This best backup software for Windows uses multi-threading technology that can perform a group of backups in a single task. These operations are not concurrent or sequential. Thus, you can backup the files fastly.
  • You can also automate the backup by scheduling. It offers you the option to backup files from minutes intervals, hours, days, weeks, months, etc. To schedule backup, you need the setup to start time and end time.
  • This data backup software comes with different templates such as photos, documents, music, Settings, C Drive, D Drive, E Drive, F Drive, G Drive, Dropbox, Eudora, Google, HRBlock, iCloud Photos, iPhone, iTunes, Mozilla, Mozilla Thunderbird, Palm, etc.

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TurboBackup System Requirements:

  • Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1and 10(both 32-bit and 64-bit)
  • RAM:512 MB memory
  • Processor: Intel Pentium or later
  • Hard Disk Drive: 100 MB free disk space
  • Backup Media: Hard drive, CD/DVD, Thumb drives, USB Hard Drive, FTP Remote Server, and Network Drive

Conclusion Of TurboBackup for Windows PC:

Overall, the TurboBackup is the simple, easy to use, and automatic backup software designed to backup all types of files in simple clicks. It offers batch backup, scheduled backup, photo archive, full and partial restore, auto cataloging, and many more. To download TurboBackup free latest version for your Windows, hit the below-mentioned download button.

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