UC Browser Review for PC Windows

UC Browser Review:

Let us have a quick UC Browser Review so that we get to know how this best browser can help you in browsing the internet safely when compared to the other browsers. UC Browser for PC is highly efficient in synchronizing the mobile bookmarks, and this free web browser for Windows also lets you save the current page as an image or a file.

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Further, this best browser also allows you to open the downloads page where you can view the list of downloads according to their categories. The download list includes various types such as software, pictures, torrents, videos, music, zipped files, and documents. We advise you to go through the UC Browser Review thoroughly so that you will get to know most of its essential features. After reading the review, you can scroll down and click on the download button to get the executable file of UC Browser for Windows. Users can click on the link to know more about UC Browser Offline Installer for 32/64-Bit.

Moreover, users do have the option to set the maximum number of simultaneous downloads. By default, this browser allows unlimited simultaneous downloads to let users download as many as possible according to their requirements. Through UC Browser Review, we would also want to tell users this browser also lets users switch between various search engines as per their preferences. The available search engines in the UC browser are Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, and ASK. Moreover, this best browser also includes a search bar where you can enter any keyword of your choice so that you can quickly find all the relevant results without wasting much of your time. More importantly, UC Browser Review also lets you know that you can import bookmarks from other browsers, and this browser also allows you to clear old bookmarks before adding the new ones.

Features of UC Browser for PC Windows:

Ad Block:

As we all know, ads consume too much bandwidth, which results in higher operational costs in various enterprises, and individuals will also have to buy additional bandwidth to access the internet. Apart from bandwidth usage, ads can also reduce your productivity at the end of the day as they increase the page loading time. When page loading time increases, users are bound to experience a delay in the displaying of information. When such situations occur, users can’t work at their maximum speed, and as a result, they will come across low productivity at the end of the day.

For this reason, UC Browser for PC has come up with an ad-blocking feature which can let users block all the ads or filter them as per their requirement. Most of the users across the world are not aware of the ad-blocking feature. By discussing it in the UC Browser review, we felt it could help many users around the globe. Apart from this, the ad-blocking feature in UC Browser for PC also allows users to block pop-up windows, filter page ads, customize ad blocking rule, and you can also add exceptions by blocking ads on various websites.

Search Engines:

Did you know the benefits of using multiple search engines while browsing online? In UC Browser Review, before discussing the benefits of using various search engines, let us initially get to know how search engines work. Usually, search engines work by displaying the results of multiple webpages as per the user’s preference. As the internet is on the growth track, no search engine can let you view all the available webpages. In such situations, using multiple search engines has enormous benefits as they allow you to see various webpages that are not available in either of the search engines. So to let users access different webpages according to their preference UC Browser for PC allows users to switch between Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Google, and Ask search engines.


At times, users might access various websites while browsing online, and they might find a few of them very interesting. But, they might read the content and exit the webpage at some point as they might forget to save the URL or webpage details. As a result, they might lose the details of some of the interesting webpages. Through the UC Browser Review, we would like to let you know that this free browser for Windows can allow you to bookmark any website of your choice immediately after accessing it.

Moreover, the bookmark manager in UC Browser for PC is also capable of importing bookmarks from various other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, and you do have the option to import bookmarks from an HTML file. Along with this, the UC Browser for PC also allows you to add a new folder of bookmarks to let you access the websites quickly.


Did you ever try adding extensions to your browser to improve the way of performing various tasks? Irrespective of which industry you are, there are multiple extensions available these days to let you do any job better than earlier. Let us assume you are currently using Google’s Gmail web app. In such situations, you can add several extensions for Gmail such as Checker Plus, Mailtrack, Gmelius, Todolist, and many more.
Similarly, you can just imagine how many other extensions are available for other apps that are currently available. Through UC Browser Review, we would advise you to install required extensions in your browser for various applications. UC Browser for PC supports almost all Google Chrome extensions, and it also allows you to add keyboard shortcuts for multiple extensions.

Incognito Mode:

Have you ever experienced privacy issues due to cookies or browsing history? Before discussing the disadvantages of cookies, lets us initially get to know few details about them. When any user accesses websites, the servers of those websites place cookies or text files on the user’s device to identify and remember them. In UC Browser Review, we would want to let you know the main disadvantage of cookies, which allow websites to track visitor’s activity so that they can know about the user’s interests and many more details.

To avoid tracking activity from websites, UC Browser for PC allows users to access websites in the incognito window, which can effectively eliminate all cookies immediately after closing the session. Along with this, by reading the UC Browser Review, you will also get to know that it doesn’t record any of your browser history, search history, and downloaded files in the incognito window. Besides, UC Browser for PC also allows users to save bookmarks for the incognito window.

Screenshot Tool:

At times, while accessing various websites, people might want to capture the content present in the webpages as images that can be viewed later on. Through UC Browser Review, we want to tell users that this browser has added a screenshot tool that can capture the entire webpage or particular part of the webpage as per your preference. Moreover, the screenshot tool in UC Browser for PC also allows users to use various editing tools such as blush tool, brush, ellipse, and many more.

Mouse Gestures:

While browsing online, users will have to perform several operations such as move forward, backward, refresh the webpage, and many more. Many users are not aware that using the respective buttons available on the browser unknowingly consumes plenty of time. As a result, your productivity might come down at the end of the day. In UC Browser Review, we would like to tell users that various browsers have introduced mouse gestures to increase overall productivity at the end of the day. These mouse gestures can help users perform those operations by dragging the mouse. UC Browser for PC allows users to perform various operations such as scroll up, scroll down, back to top, go to the bottom, open the previous tab, and many more with mouse gestures.

Cloud Sync:

Did you ever feel like you are unable to access any of your bookmarks or browser data that is present in the device which is located far away from you? There are multiple instances in which people move away from their PC and might regret not being able to access their preferred websites as their device is far away from them. To avoid such as UC Browser for PC has included a cloud sync feature that can allow you to access various bookmarks, opened tabs, and many more. Through UC Browser Review, we would like to let you know that, to use the cloud sync option, you need to create a UC account, or use any of your other accounts such as Facebook or Google. Once you can access the cloud sync feature, you can continuously access various details saved on your browser.


In UC Browser Review, we would also like to discuss various available options related to tabs. UC Browser for PC allows users to enable the option that can let them automatically switch to the new tab from the current one when they access any hyperlink. Moreover, you can also enable or disable the option that can close the tab when you double click on it. More importantly, while closing the tabs, you can also enable the option that can warn you if there are more than one tabs to be closed while exiting. Along with this, the UC Browser for PC also lets you enable the option that can make the left tab active while closing the current tab.

Through UC Browser Review, we would also want to let you know it also includes the option that can allow you to open new tabs when you enter a new link in the address bar. Besides, this application also lets you open new tabs when you click on a bookmark or even when you click the home button. Apart from these features, users can also use the mouse wheel to switch between tabs, and UC Browser for PC also allows you to drag the tab to open it in a new window.


In UC Browser Review, we shall also discuss the available keyboard shortcuts that can let you increase your productivity. UC Browser for PC includes keyboard shortcuts for various operations such as locating the address bar, reload all pages, refresh cache and page, go to the homepage, restore recently closed tabs, and many more.

We also recommend you to Download & Install Avast Secure Browser for Windows 10/7 as it also allows you to browse the information in incognito mode.

System Requirements of UC Browser for Windows:

  • OS: It supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).
  • CPU: Intel Pentium III or later.
  • RAM: 512 MB of memory.
  • Hard Disk: 100 MB of free space.
  • Developer: UCWeb Inc.

 Bottom Line:

On the whole, UC Browser for PC is very efficient in letting you access various features such as ad-blocker, extensions, mouse gestures, cloud sync, and many more. Through UC Browser Review, we would also want to intimate users that it also supports various platforms such as Android, iPhone, PC, Windows Phone, and iPad.

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