UltraViewer Free Download for Windows 10

UltraViewer is freeware desktop utility tool where the users can share their desktop with other users around the world, it is entirely free to download and it supports both Windows 32 Bit and 64 Bit, processors. The free remote desktop software allows you to control other PC if you were sitting in front of that computer. Download free UltraViewer portable Version for Windows PC from our website collection. This free UltraViewer works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1 and 10.

Overview of UltraViewer Free Download:

This application is good alternative software for Teamviewer desktop access . There are many tools are available in the market but they are not useful for the commercial purpose, in order to use for commercial use the user need to pay huge amount of money, the people who aren’t able to afford the high licensing amount just download this portable version UltraViewer by clicking on the provided link. Moreover, it is free remote access software forever and compatible with Windows 7/8/10. If you want to fix someone computer problems over a distance, the user needs remote access to control their computer. UltraViewer is a good example that will solve all the problems as the user expecting.  Additionally, it helps you to remotely control your partner computer to support them and solve the issues as if you were sitting in front of that computer. However, this free UltraViewer helps for online education to teach students in distance. It is mainly designed for supporting customers, partners and colleagues, so that they will observe what you don on their computer and take control whenever they want. The application is available in three versions they are free, personal and commercial versions. All these are entirely free and use very less amount of RAM and System Resources.

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The free remote access program will connect people, places around the world on the widest array of platforms and technologies. It will remotely connect to the computer and performs all the tasks without leaving your workplace. You can comfortably connect to single or multiple computers at a time and remotely access the PC and chat with the clients or partners while controlling their computer. Moreover, it comes with chat Windows where you can chat with your partner or client as well as you can toggle chat on/off by pressing the default hotkeys. By using this remote access software, you can send and receive files through chat Window. Whereas, it secures your communication with a strong encryption key. So that no one can not know what you send and receive. However, you can share your screen with a single computer or multiple computers simultaneously.

The latest version UltraViewer has a user-friendly interface which allows both novice and technical users. In this, some of the panels are fixed and you can adjust the elements as you like. The list of remotely access computers can be displayed in different styles as regular icons, as tables or thumbnails. In order to use this free version UltraViewer, install this software on both computers. Download free UltraViewer portable version for Windows, lets you make remote connection easily and support your friend, colleague or family member.

Features of UltraViewer Portable Version for Windows:

  • The remote access application is not only just approve your access but, you can also control your colleague computer.
  • Whereas,  they will observe whatever you’re doing on their computer at all times.
  • It mainly designed to access the clients, partners, customers computer remotely. So, your client can able to see all you do on their screen and take control whenever they want.
  • Effortlessly and quickly send and receive the files from anywhere in the world. Over the chat control, windows and all the data will be fully secured.
  • The free UltraViewer is used by more than 1 lakh people all over the world. Because it is entirely free to download and runs on any kind of computer.

UltraViewer, UltraViewer Images, UltraViewer Screenshot, UltraViewer Photos, UltraViewer Logo

  • You can chat with our partner in the chat window during controlling the windows without any inconvenience. Manage the toggle switch on/off by pressing any hotkey on the keyboard.
  • The remote desktop software allows you to control multiple computers simultaneously or share the screen to many computers by providing username and password.
  • You can add an extra custom password to your PC for an extra layer of protection.
  • The program remote control your partner’s computer to support them like you are on the next to the screen.
  • The  UltarViewer has an advanced mode where the users can set the cursor tracking, view only mode, customize the encoding options, automatic clipboard and synchronization files and send custom commands to the partners.

System Requirements for UltraViewer:

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 (32 Bit and 64 Bit).
  • Processor: Intel/AMD 1.2 GHz.
  • RAM: 512 MB.
  • Hard Disk Space: 50 MB.

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