Download Vipre Rescue Free Stable Installer

Download Vipre Rescue Free Version for Windows 7/8/10, Get the stable installer setup for Windows (32/64 bit).

Vipre Rescue Free Overview:

Vipre Rescue is a Free Emergency tool used to restore the Virus-Infected System to its initial state. Some viruses directly attack the core of PC called Operating System to take hold of all the programs and services. It breaks the complete workflow of the user and ultimately leads to system failure. Most of the Antivirus programs fail in such situations. Therefore, PC requires quick and handy tools like Vipre Rescue to bring the computer to its initial working state.Vipre Rescue Images, Vipre Rescue Pictures, Vipre Rescue Tool Dashboard, Vipre Rescue Interface

As you need to use the tool on already infected PC, you need to Download Vipre Rescue Stable Installer and load it through Boot-up or from Command Prompt. After cleaning the PC, it reboots and cures your PC without damaging any software applications or personal files.

Vipre Rescue Stable Installer Key Features:

  • The Deep Scan traces the hidden viruses in the files and removes them from your PC.

Vipre Rescue Images, Vipre Rescue Pictures, Vipre Rescue Tool Dashboard, Vipre Rescue Interface

  • A Simple and Rapid Mode called “Quick Scan” gives an overall status of the PC by just checking the signatures of the applications in the system.
  • It also stores all the previous and recently performed tasks/activities as Logs for future reference.
  • Disables the RootKit Programs in the computer to secure your PC from hackers.
  • It stores infected and suspected files in the quarantine so that you can restore the important ones if required.
  • A user can give a Specific Path Command to scan that particular Folder or File to save time.
  • Moreover, users can disable logs and RootKit Engines depending on their preference to speed up the scanning time.
  • Vipre Rescue gets no updates, but users can get the latest version from the Official Site.
  • It is a One-Click Functionality that executes its algorithms automatically with a Single User Command.
  • Also, it uses different colors to represent detected Viruses and Suspicious Folders in the Computer.
  • Moreover, it notifies the users about the number of threats found in the system and the number of Cleaned Threats.
  • After every Clean-up Process, this Virus Removal Software recommends rebooting the system to Load the New PC.

System Requirements to Download Vipre Rescue:

  • Vipre Rescue Tool works on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Also, it requires 512MB RAM and 300MB HDD Space

Get Vipre Rescue Free Stable Installer here:

Click on the link below to Download Vipre Rescue free for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32/64 bit). After finishing the Download, just Double Click on the file to initiate the installation and access the full application.

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