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The new era of the technology itself specialized with the new arrivals. CD, DVD, and blue-ray Drives were inventing for certain rare usual file types like .iso, .dvd, .img, bin, CCD and others. But depending on the CD and DVD is not possible all the times. You need to reach the smartest level of technology with up to date knowledge. If you are looking for every different smart application, then this Virtual CloneDrive is the ultimate alternative for your CD/DVD/Blue-ray Drive files.

What is Virtual CloneDrive?

Virtual CloneDrive is simply a clone to CD/DVD/Blue-ray drive. This Virtual CloneDrive is a smart application which can save all of your files but only exist as a soft file copy. Moreover, this software will appear virtually but no physically existing ROM drive.

Virtual CloneDrive, Windows CloneDrive, Virtual CloneDrive Images, Virtual CloneDrive Screenshots

How does it work?

The toughest task of the browsing files is downloading certain rare types of files. The file types like ISO, BIN, and CCD will never go easy on users. There is a huge process for this, download the files and burn them into a disk. Putting all this stress to aside, Virtual CloneDrive will be more convenient for you. Simply place the desired files in this drive then you are ready to use.

You can also download the Elby CloneBD Blu-Ray Disc Copy Software Download Free Version.

Virtual CloneDrive Full Version Key Features:

  • This ISO reader Virtual CloneDrive able to read the certain rare file types like BIN, IMG, DVD, CCD, UDF. And also can be able to support 15 Virtual drives concurrently.
  • The CloneDrive Software is free to download and requires choosing of file types which are needed to associate after installation.
  • This Virtual CloneDrive works like a CD/DVD, instead of inserting and ejecting the Discs you need to mount and unmount the images.
  • Virtual CloneDrive provides an automount option to read the recently opened file or images.
Virtual CloneDrive, Windows CloneDrive, Virtual CloneDrive Images, Virtual CloneDrive Screenshots
  • Moreover, you can remove the file by unmounting the eject button, similar to ejecting the CD, DVD, or any USB hard drive.
  • The interface of Virtual CloneDrive will support 12 different languages. Also can run on Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista.
  • Virtual CloneDrive has a very simple manual on its interface even beginners also can understand easily and quickly.
  • In addition, purging images and clearing the recent history of the drive are useful in Virtual CloneDrive.

We recommended you to search for CloneDVD 7 Ultimate Free Download for Windows 10.

System Requirements for Virtual CloneDrive:

  • Operating system: Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista (32/64-Bit)
  •  File size: 10 MB
  •  Memory: 250 MB of RAM
  •  Processor: 500 MHz CPU or higher.


There might be a delay to cope up with the browser. After installation of the first drive, the icon didn’t show up at the sidebar of internet explorer. You need to check back the mount/unmount clicks. Apart from this, everything is familiar to use. The options are limited yet useful.


On the whole, a worth useful app for beginners or advanced users who works with the disk images. Simple interface and user convenience are the added points in this Virtual CloneDrive Software.

Click on the download button to download the Virtual CloneDrive on your Windows PC.

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