VPNArea Review Latest Version for Windows PC

VPNArea Review:

Why are you feeling tense while browsing the internet on your desktop computer? Are the Autofill data like passwords and banking details under security risks? Want to stream the videos and download the files unlimitedly? Then here is the best option for your needs, which is VPNArea. In this article, we offer the VPNArea Review to know everything about this software.

VPNArea is the top best free VPN software that helps in browsing the internet anonymously without engaging in any security attacks. It hides the IP address immediately after connecting to the remote VPN server. So, download this free VPNArea Latest Version on your Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. You can get in touch with limitless features of this free VPN software, such as Wi-Fi Protection, banking protection, unlimited bandwidth, etc. Let’s get in touch with more information through this VPNArea Review for PC.

What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Network or VPN is the best security application that establishes the secure connection between remote servers and PCs. VPN is also referred to as the proxy server that can bypass the censorship assigned by the website owners so that the user can visit even the blocked websites. The VPN does not store any web searches or user’s login credentials while accessing it on their devices. Since virtual private network includes multiple remote servers, the user can connect to any virtual server and browse anonymously. The advantages of VPN are giving Wi-Fi protection when connecting to free network, unlimited browsing data, etc.

What are the best free VPNs for PC?

Due to the increase in privacy hacking and unknown data encryption of the ransomers, the demand for VPNs or proxy servers is also increased. That’s why many multinational cybersecurity manufacturing companies developed a variety of VPNs for all types of operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and others. Some of the top best VPNs for Windows OS are NordVPN, X-VPN, CyberGhost VPN, Bitdefender VPN, BullGuard VPN, Kaspersky VPN, Avast SecureLine VPN, and many more. Apart from all these secure VPN software, we introduce another best proxy server that is VPNArea. So, use this VPNArea Review to get complete details, and then download it on your Windows PCs.

How do I Setup VPNArea for Windows PC?

  • Pressing the download button at the end of this article will download the VPNArea Latest Version on your Windows PC. After that, click the executable file to begin the Setup process.

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  • In the next step, the user account control prompt appears on your desktop screen where you have to go with the Yes button. By this, it allows the changes of VPNArea on your Windows computers.
  • Next, you can view the welcome wizard of VPNArea Setup, so click the Install button. It immediately starts the installation process of this VPNArea on your Windows desktop computers by extracting the required files from the directory.

VPNArea Review Images, VPNArea Download Screenshots, Download VPNArea for PC Pictures, VPNArea for Windows Photos, VPNArea for PC Logos

  • After completing the Setup process, you can view the “Completing VPNArea Setup” wizard on the monitor. Here, you need to click the Finish button after enabling the “Run VPNArea” option.
  • Thus, it opens the starting page of VPNArea, where you have to provide the authenticated username and password and click the Server List button.

VPNArea Review Images, VPNArea Download Screenshots, Download VPNArea for PC Pictures, VPNArea for Windows Photos, VPNArea for PC Logos

  • In the next step, click the Connect to establish a secure network connection and to go to the next step.

VPNArea Review Images, VPNArea Download Screenshots, Download VPNArea for PC Pictures, VPNArea for Windows Photos, VPNArea for PC Logos

  • It takes the nearby remote server as the default, or else you can choose your favorite server and hit the Connect button. Thus, it connects to the selected VPN server and establishes a secure VPN connection with your PC. Now, you can start browsing the internet safely and securely without any intervention of Keylogging and ransomware attacks. Interested users can visit the X-VPN Review for Windows PC.

VPNArea Free Download Latest Version for PC Key Features:

Vast Database:

VPNArea Review for Windows will let you know that it contains a vast database that holds numerous virtual servers around the globe. It provides remote VPN servers in more than 65 countries, such as the United States, India, Canada, UK, Italy, Spain, etc. You can connect to any remote server you want and browse the internet securely on your PC.

Protects Multiple Devices:

With the single authorized VPNArea account, you can connect up to six different devices. So, you can share your login credentials of this free VPN to your friends and near & dear ones to protect their online privacy from hacking attempts.

Data Encryption:

Ransomers always try to steal your data and encrypt them to unknown formats to make it inaccessible. Only after paying the demanded ransom to those dangerous ransomers, they will release your data, or else you have to face data loss problems. To avoid all these ransomware, spies, and hacking methods, VPNArea Latest Version for Windows comes up with the advanced encryption method that is AES-256 bit. Thus, no hacker or ransomer can read and use your data illegally.

Speed Test:

Moreover, the VPNArea Review offers the Speed Test tool to find out whether any other users are using the selected VPN server or not before connecting to it. By this, you can use other remote servers when you find that it is busy.

Censorship Bypass:

The ultimate feature of this VPNArea Latest Version for PC is bypassing the censorship. Some website owners block regular users from using websites, web series, download links, etc. In case if you really want to use those blocked web content, then immediately connect your network with the VPNArea servers because it quickly unblocks those blocked items. Thus, you can freely access the favorite videos, games, download links, websites, and others on your desktop computers.

Unlimited Bandwidth:

The users can download any quality of videos, play all kinds of online games, stream, and browse unlimitedly with this VPNArea. It offers limitless bandwidth to all the users of VPNArea so that you can access the internet without any boundaries.

No-Log Policy:

Don’t worry about the tracking problems whenever you use the VPNArea on your Windows computers because it includes the No-Log Policy. It means that it will store your log records like browser searches, cookies, cache details, and others.


To promote their products and services, many multinational companies post various types of advertisements or promos while browsing the web. It creates disturbance when we seriously surf for anything on the internet. To overcome these annoying ads, go through the VPNArea Review because it provides clear information on all its features. And one such is the AdBlocker tool, which can identify and block all these unwanted & malicious ads and offers uninterrupted & virus-free browsing experience to all its users. By this, no hacker, including ISPs, can trace out your web searches.

Live Chat:

Did you encounter any problem in connecting to the remote server of VPNArea? Then you can take help from its best expert team that is available 24/7. The expertise team of customer support will offer its help via live chat.

VPNArea Free Download System Specifications:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Windows 8 (32/64-bit), Windows 8.1 (32/64-bit), and Windows 10 (32/64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel/AMD at 1 GHz or Higher CPU
  • RAM: 1 GB or Above
  • Hard-disk: 100 MB of free space
  • Manufactured by: Offshore Security LTD

VPNArea Review for PC Conclusion:

Thus, I can say that it is necessary to have a virtual private network on every computer to surf the internet secretly. By using secure VPN software, we can escape the hacking attempts and ransomware attacks while accessing the web. For that, the VPNArea Latest Version for Windows is the best choice that can take care of your PC and privacy protection from all kinds of virus attacks. So, go through the VPNArea Review and download its latest version on all your Windows PCs.

Hit the below button to start the downloading process of this VPNArea for Windows PCs and Windows laptops.

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