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Watchdog Anti-Malware is one of the best malware removal tools for Windows PC. With this antimalware software, you can detect malicious threats in real-time to protect your computer. The free security software also used to boot the system in less time to prevent the system from freezing and crashes and other errors. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 (32, 64-bit).

Watchdog Antimalware Free Download Overview:

The Watchdog Anti-malware protects your computer from harmful threats including viruses, spyware, rootkits, bugs, malware, etc. It scans your computer regularly for all types of threats and removes them before it infects your files and data. This anti-malware works parallel to your anti-virus hence it does not compromise with the already existing anti-virus. Installing different anti-virus to solve your computer problems takes time, effort and money. Moreover, installing various free antivirus software in your system makes slow down your computer programs. Therefore, using this best anti-malware seems like the best solution to solve all the anti-virus and also other threats such as malware and ransomware.

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Additionally, it protects your PC against identity thefts and offers identity protection. Watchdog uses its own Cloud Scanning Platform where all the files and folders get to run through several engines to block threats. Therefore, it improves the system speed and saves you from crashing. Watchdog is lightweight, that is, it occupies less space and runs very fast scans. It also blocks pop-ups, page redirects, and unauthorized sites to give you a safe web browsing experience. Additionally, it protects your communication, credit card details, personal information and other credentials from hackers.

How Watchdog Anti-malware works?

Watchdog Anti-malware does the work in three simple steps. The malware scanner first scans your entire computer from files to folders. Secondly, the software analyses these scanned files and examines them. If it detects any suspicious files, it will be sent to its Cloud Scanning Platform where different tests performed on the files. Lastly, all the detected threat files are eliminated. So, it keeps your computer safe. This software performs backup actions in the background so that it does not conflict with your work. All the data automatically goes into cloud storage make it easily accessible any time and also does not take up much of the system’s resources.

Anti-malware Removal Software Key Features:

  • Watchdog Antimalware includes the anti-phishing feature which keeps phishers at bay by blocking them access to your computer.
  • It is an advanced malware removal tool that inspects your computer for any malware and online threats.
  • Watchdog software offers real-time protection, which means that the files are scanned by the software as soon as they enter your system or when you access them.

Watchdog antimalware Image, Watchdog antimalware Screenshot, Watchdog antimalware Logo, Watchdog antimalware Picture

  • Your web browsers remain safe and protected from browser hijackers. In other words, your identity, bank details, and other personal information are inaccessible by online hackers and hijackers.
  • Its inbuilt anti-ransomware tool keeps your system safe by prohibiting the ransomware attacks.
  • Detects and removes rootkits and bootkits which gain access to your system without your knowledge and steal your data.
  • Moreover, you can scan only selected files or folders by dragging them into the box.

Watchdog Antimalware System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Memory: 25 MB

Disk Space: 25 MB

Processor: Intel Pentium

You can download Watchdog Anti-malware by clicking downlink button.

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