X-Sec Antivirus Update Free Download Windows 7

X-Sec Antivirus software is a simple portable Antivirus solution helps to remove the virus & malware programs. X-Sec quickly scans your PC to detect & remove malware kind of viruses with its virus removal tools. So, try to install X-Sec AV lightweight software utility to scan & clean your infected PC as soon as possible. You can download the update of antivirus X-Sec current version developed by X-Sec. Moreover, X-Sec Antivirus security is compatible with other antivirus software a very accessible piece of software. Click the below-shown download button to start the download automatically effortlessly.

Components to Be Required To Run X-Sec Antivirus Program for Windows:

The X-Sec Antivirus program downloaded users need to install Visual C++ 2017 Runtime & NET. Framework 4.7.1 versions on the required PC. Only then you should be able to run the X-Sec Antivirus without any compatibility issues. Whereas, X-Sec malware removal tool is compatible with Windows 7/8/8.1/10 which recommends 64-bit processor. The X-Sec Antivirus will be in Zip format download it and run the program without any long setup process unzip the folder from its executable file.

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X-Sec Antivirus Description – Simple Malware Scanner & Removal Tool

X-Sec Antivirus a free security solution which helps to make your Windows PC virus-free. It is easy to use a virus removal tool that’s fully compatible with other antivirus software. X-Sec includes powerful & reliable antivirus scanners to find detected malware on your PC. The application is as simple as possible for all new & advanced users include handy operations accessible for everyone. Ensure that your system is flexible to run the software with recommended system configurations.

Similar to other top antivirus programs, X-Sec offers different virus scanners to check your computer infected malware files for successful detection. Also, you can move suspicious files to quarantine as well as to create a trust list. In fact, with the help of overview, you will be able to view your PC protection status along with updated database version. Under the settings menu, you can do enable/disable the logs, the heuristic, the cloud engine as well as the backup of files to quarantine before removal. Besides, the software requests to scan only, ask the user or remove automatically according to the user requirements. Very low, low, normal, high, very high are the scan preferences set by default.

Overall, X-Sec Antivirus is a simple security tool to locate malware and to remove malware virus infected programs quickly. However, it doesn’t have real-time protection to prevent active threats a unique security feature. Click here to get real-time PC protection security suite to secure your PC from online/offline threats actively.

Key Security Features of X-Sec Antivirus for Windows 7/10:

  • X-Sec features a user-friendly interface which easily interacts with all novice & advanced users as shown in the image. The application quickly scans your PC to detect malware infected areas with its simplistic interface.
  • It includes quick, full, custom virus scanners to scan your computer for infected files based on your selection & the system status. Also, you can move suspected files to quarantine folder which reduces the threat effect on your PC.
  • As well as, the scan process is fast, effective which gives instant results also, you can stop the scan, pause the scan while the scan is running. After completion of the successful scan, you can view the scanned items results with the help of log option.
  • X-Sec let you create/add & remove trusted files from Trust list section to avoid unapproved applications. You can view the database updates whenever the new database version released under overview.
  • If you’re an advanced user & want to edit changes in the scan settings, choose settings and enable/disable the logs, the heuristic, the cloud engine, the backup of files to quarantine, set languages & more.

X-Sec Antivirus Software System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit recommended)
  • X-Sec requires essential RAM & HDD requirements
  • .Net Framework & Visual C++ 2017 (X86 version)

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