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Download Your Uninstaller Full Version for Windows PC that helps you uninstall or remove programs and clean the leftovers. Your Uninstaller 2020 Latest Version supports all Windows Operating Systems and lets you remove Windows bloatware programs as well. Moreover, the Free PC Utility is compatible with both 32 & 64-bit machines and runs smoothly even on low-end computers.

There are some programs on our Windows PC that are hard to uninstall. Even some of the softwares do not appear in Microsoft’s default Uninstaller. There are also several softwares that leave behind its residue files even after installation. The residue files eventually occupy system space and slow down your computer. Also, when you buy a new Windows desktop or laptop, you will notice that there are dozens of unwanted bloatware programs. 

Especially, Windows 10 comes with lots of pre-installed apps like a 3D Builder, Bing Weather, 3D Viewer, Office Hub, MS Paint, OneNote, ScreenSketch, Skype, Photos, Camera, Maps, Store, Xbox App, Xbox Game Overlay, Phone, Paint 3D, and more. Though there are some useful apps, users find most of them useless as they occupy your precious hard disk memory as well as slow down the performance to an extent. Moreover, it is not possible to remove these apps using the default Windows uninstaller.

To solve all the problems mentioned above, URSoft developed an advanced uninstaller named Your Uninstaller. The Free Uninstaller Program helps you remove stubborn Applications as well as remove all the residue files to keep your PC clean.

Your Uninstaller 2020 Overview:

First of all, it is easy to install and setup Your Uninstaller 2020 Latest Version on your Windows PC. Besides uninstalling the programs and leftover, Your Uninstaller also provides other tools to optimize your PC.

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It includes a File Shredder, Disk Cleaner, Startup Manager, Trace Eraser, Start Menu Manager, and More. Moreover, Your Uninstaller Full Version also features a Quick Uninstaller, Advanced Uninstaller, Hunter Mode, and a Rescue Center, which are further explained in detail later in this post. 

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Your Uninstaller Full Version Essential Features:

Simple User Interface:

The User Interface of Your Uninstaller is easy-to-use, and it presents all the installed programs. The left panel shows selected program information and some useful tools. And the bottom layer contains options like quick uninstall, advanced uninstall, auto fix, search, and refresh. It displays the installed apps in a large icon view, but you can also change it to a list or details. You can also choose to show or hide the panels. As you click on a program icon, you can see its details like program name, developer, installed date, and size occupied.

Quick & Advanced Uninstall:

Your Uninstaller Latest Version offers two methods to uninstall your program, which are Quick Uninstall and Advanced Uninstall. The Quick Uninstall option helps you uninstall the programs quickly with a single click without attempting a deep scan. And, the Advanced Uninstall option makes sure the program does not leave behind any traces or residue files after the uninstallation.

Also, in the options menu, you can choose the match level between Safe, Average, and Aggressive. By selecting the Safe Mode while uninstalling a program does not remove any Windows Registry files, whereas the Aggressive Mode will remove all the files belonging to that program. Note that this option is for advanced users as force deleting the Windows Registry files may cause your PC to crash.

Your Uninstaller Photos, Your Uninstaller Full Version Screenshots, Your Uninstaller Images, Your Uninstaller, Free Uninstaller, Advanced Uninstaller

Secure Programs:

The Free Uninstaller for Windows also lets you secure a program from being uninstalled. If you are using a multi-user computer, then there are chances that the other users might uninstall any crucial program intentionally or by mistake. Therefore, you can right-click on the essential applications and select the Never Uninstall option to separate them from the other programs so that other users do not delete them.

Windows Tools:

Windows comes with some built-in optimization tools that are hidden deep in the operating system. Therefore, Your Uninstaller Full Version provides shortcuts to the essential tools of Windows for easy access. You will find tools like command prompt, disk defragmentation, shared folders, system information, system properties, security center, network information, and more.

Hunter Mode:

On rare occasions, some programs do not appear in the program list. Therefore, the Hunter Mode offers you a cross-hair, which you need to drag over the program’s desktop icon to uninstall it permanently.

Rescue Center:

The Rescue Center helps you take a backup of the program before uninstalling it. So, if you face any issues after uninstalling the program, you can quickly restore it to resolve the issue.


The AutoFix feature by Your Uninstaller Free automatically detects errors in invalid installations and repairs it. Also, it clears temporary installation files and unused program files to fix the issues.

Your Uninstaller Full Version Tools:

Your Uninstaller offers the following optimization tools to improve the performance of your Windows computer.

Startup Manager:

The Startup Manager by Your Uninstaller shows a list of startup services(or applications) along with its installed directory, date, and status. You can quickly turn off unwanted services by using the slider to speed up the Windows startup.

Disk Cleaner:

Now, you can quickly scan and remove junk and unnecessary files from your PC with a couple of clicks. After selecting the disk cleaner tool, you need to pick the drive partition and click on the scan. It shows you the result in a few seconds, and you can choose specific files to delete or hit the Delete All button to remove all the junk at once. In the options menu, you can also include empty folders and zero-byte files along with the temporary files.

Your Uninstaller Photos, Your Uninstaller Full Version Screenshots, Your Uninstaller Images, Your Uninstaller, Free Uninstaller, Advanced Uninstaller

Start Menu Manager:

Some users prefer a small organized start menu, but as you install programs on Windows, it gets stacked up. Therefore, Your Uninstaller Full Version offers a Start Menu Manager, where you can choose which folders and items to show & hide in the Start Menu. You can also hit the Fix Shortcuts button to delete broken and invalid shortcuts automatically.

Trace Eraser:

Leaving traces on the internet will make it easy for CyberCriminals to steal your data or hack your PC. Hence, use the Trace Eraser by Your Uninstaller that helps you remove clear your online activities and protect your privacy. You can manually select the items to delete like cookies, search history, saved passwords, browsing history, address history, saved forms, websites cache, and temporary internet files.

File Shredder:

The Free File Shredder helps you delete a file or folder permanently from your hard disk without having a chance of recovery. When you delete your sensitive and confidential files using this File Shredder, they are overwritten and damaged by random files so that other users cannot restore it using any Recovery Software.

System Requirements to Download Your Uninstaller Free:

  • Operating System: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32 & 64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium or Later
  • RAM: 256 MB Memory
  • File Size: 7 MB
  • Hard disk: 50 MB of free disk space

Conclusion for Your Uninstaller Latest Version:

Your Uninstaller by URSoft is an advanced uninstaller and an excellent alternative for Windows uninstaller. It lets you remove stubborn and bloatware programs as well as remove all its traces and residue files. Your Uninstaller 2020 Latest Version also provides several tools to optimize your PC, such as Trace Eraser, Startup Manager, Start Menu Manager, File Shredder, and Disk Cleaner. Moreover, it also lets you remove the program by Quick Uninstaller or Advanced Uninstaller.

Click on the download link or button to Download Your Uninstaller Full Latest Version (2020) for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP. 

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