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ZoneAlarm by Check Point developed different types of security suites such as ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus, ZoneAlarm Anti-Ransomware, ZoneAlarm Extreme Security, ZoneAlarm Free Firewall, etc. You know very well that the Antivirus software works for protecting the devices from various viruses. In contrast, the Firewall offers full-length security to the network to protect your privacy from network hackers. You need to download two separate tools to protect your privacy and personal computer. And it takes more space to use these two applications on your PC. But this problem can be resolved when you install the free trial version of ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall Free Trial software.

ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall Free Trial Overview:

The ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall is one such type of software that provides both virus protection and network protection tools. Yes, in a single software, you’ll get both antivirus and Firewall related tools to protect your PC and online identity. Want to download this software on your PC? Then click the download button to set up the ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall free trial version software on your Windows devices.

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Virus & Spyware Removal Engines:

  • The ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall contains advanced Antivirus & Anti-Spyware Engine to identify and delete almost all the viruses, malware, spyware, rootkits, Trojans, Worms, bugs, and other threats. The tests conducted by top laboratories say that it is showing tremendous results in detecting even the latest threats. To protect the operating system from all these newly emerging threats, it provides the Kernel-level virus prevention tool.
  • At the same time, there are different scanning modes that you can choose according to your wish. The scan methods of this free antivirus software are custom, full, and quick.

Real-Time Protection:

With the quick update facility of virus signatures in this best free antivirus software, you can protect your PC from ever-evolving threats. The ZoneAlarm software contains Real-Time Cloud Database, where all the updated virus definitions are stored. By using this cloud database, it detects and removes even the latest emerging threats. Moreover, it consists of web resources and applications to provide up-to-date security.

Two-way Firewall:

  • The hackers mainly target your network connections to enter into your computer. By this, they can easily steal your private data like usernames, passwords, and others. To overcome this issue, using the Firewall is the best option. That’s why we are recommending you to use ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall on your PC.
  • With the free download Windows firewall tool, it monitors the incoming and outgoing network traffic of your PC. Whenever it detects any strangers, then it immediately blocks there itself. In case, if it misses in the entry point, then it will not leave while going out of the network.
  • The firewall software’s stealth mode helps the user invisible to the cybercriminals so that no one traces their location.

Advanced Firewall Feature:

With the help of an advanced firewall tool named as OSFirewall, it analyzes the behavior of the applications to find and remove them from the PC. This software also identifies the virus-infected files that are missed by other antivirus tools.

Wi-Fi Protection:

Always remember that Public or Free Wi-Fi hotspots are dangerous to your privacy. But when you use this free trial version of ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall software on your device, you can fearlessly connect and access the internet by connecting to the public Wi-Fi network.

Browsing Protection:

To offer a clean and virus-free browsing experience, it scans every website before you access it. Even it scans the files when you want to download it from unknown sources.

Identity Protection Service:

The ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall Free Trial gives a higher preference to the user’s privacy so, you no need to worry about your online privacy. At the same time, it provides a data encryption method to secure the most useful data from cybercrimes.

Free Support:

The ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall offers free customer support to all the users via forums and online live chat.

ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall System Requirements:

  • Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10(both 32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Processor: 2GHz Faster
  • RAM: 2GB RAM
  • Hard Disk Drive: 1.5 GB
  • Developed by: Check Point Software Technologies


Thus, free ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall Free Trial Version helps you in securing the desktops, data, and our network from different hackers, ransomers, intruders, and others. So, click the download button given below to download & install this free antivirus software on your Windows PC.

Click here to get the link to download the ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus + Firewall for Windows PCs.

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